First Grade

Sandy Peters,Language Arts, Math, Computer

Kelsey Rose, Bible, Music, Art

Kendra Cueyo, Spanish

Luayne Wright, Social Studies, Science, PE

First grade will expand on Kindergarten skills with the emphasis on developing math, reading, and writing skills to enable the child to read and write for pleasure.

  • Bible-Bible stories and Bible memory verses will be incorporated daily into class curriculum.
  • Math concepts-Addition and subtraction using real-life scenarios(word problems), units of measurement, and timed tests to develop math mastery.
  • Reading-Phonics(short vowels and long vowels) are incorporated into the structured reading program. Students will progress through pre-primers and Reading for Christian Schools textbooks.
  • Victory Drill books-will help develop sight reading mastery.
  • Music Theory-fundamentals of music theory through singing, signing, and bells
  • Language/grammar-exercises will be used in developing writing skills. Emphasis will be given to capital letters, ending puncuation, possessives, and plurals.
  • Spelling list-will be used to master words related to weekly concepts. Institute for Excellence in writing curriculum will be used daily to help develop confident writers
  • Music-Expanding Kindergarten music theory with singing and signing, chord recognition, familiarity with the grand staff, and being able to sing in tune.
  • Spanish-vocabulary and culture will be expanded.
  • Physical Education-President's Physical Fitness, sports, and cooperative games.
  • Computer-basic keyboarding skills and educational exercises for language arts and math
  • Social Studies, Science, Art-units will be based on seasonal themes.


Fees: Kindergarten-Grades 1-4

  • Registration Fee (non-refundable) $100.00
  • Curriculum Fee $200.00
  • Tuition $380..00 Per Month/10 Months
  • Discount if entire year paid by 9/1 5%