Our Deep Valley Preschool is fully licensed and certified by the State of California.

As a special ministry of Deep Valley Christian School, the preschool program endeavors to provide the best possible care and instruction for your child. The staff is not only academically qualified, but also spiritually qualified.

Our preschool is designed to complement home life and parental training, not to act as a substitute. Therefore, we encourage maximum parent-teacher communication.

This is a very special time in the life of your child. Never again will a child learn as much as during these preschool years. They can be compared to a thirsty sponge that eagerly absorbs everything. We at Deep Valley are excited about being partners with you in helping to satisfy this thirst for knowledge and experience.

Above all, we want each child to understand his/her true value in Christ. It is our belief that each child is created as a unique individual, with a variety of needs, talents and abilities, which must be addressed individually. We desire to help each child grow and develop in all areas: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. The preschool staff is dedicated to extending God’s love and guidance to all, just as Christ has also extended His love to each of us.

Goals at a Glance